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2 April 2016 No Comment

In Feng Shui applications, using the butterfly as a symbol or charm closely resembles using birds, as both fly free from human longings and desires and soar joyfully into the heavens. Place an image of a butterfly in the energetic arena in which you’d like to find a sense of freedom.

Butterfly symbols are often placed inside the ‘Fame’ area, especially if you’re attempting to transform or transcend your current state of circumstances with optimism, ease and grace.

However, a much more common use of this symbol in this modality is to place butterflies in pairs in the ‘Romance’ area of the main floor or bedroom so you can find a love that will allow you to come out of your cocoon and become the beautiful being that you were always meant to be. Of course, these symbols are only used to activate a new love if you’re single and actively looking, because a butterfly positioned in the ‘Relationship’ area of your home could cause your partner to have a wandering eye.

You can use the butterfly to your full creative advantage if you place it inside the ‘Children/Creativity’ area as it’s known as a trigger for both of those exact energies. Or you can simply see it floating around your space any time you want to be reminded of the pure and utter joy that true release from fears and fetters bring.